Mar 02

Can Joel Albrizio Continue to Deny His Involvement With Voices of Jupiter Florida?

We have had another very interesting nugget tonight linking Joel Albrizio CEO of AdLife Marketing to the smear blog Voices of Jupiter Florida (VOJF). Mr. Albrizio has in the past seem to deny involvement with VOJF by making

Image Hotlinked From GrowingTheGrocer dot Com

the very vague and cryptic claim “I am not your blogger” in emails directed at several ExtortionLetterInfo.Com (ELI) team members who have written articles about him or commented about him and AdLIfe Marketing..

A quick recap of events leading up to tonight, Robert Krausankas of was given copies of settlement demand letters from Mr. Albrizio on behalf of AdLife Marketing. These heavy-handed letters demanded $8,000 for the use of a single AdLife Marketing image. Robert began colorfully reporting on AdLife Marketing, their business model, as well as several lawsuits, including one where AdLife was sued by its employees for nonpayment of wages and overtime and a possible Rhode Island Atty. Gen. investigation.

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Mar 01

April Brown’s Response to Linda Ellis’ Cyber Bullying Claims.

Author, poet and copyright troll Linda Ellis has recently released a new video again making claims that she is a victim of cyberbullying. She continually twists facts and selectively chooses bits of statements to make her case but

when you look at everything in its entirety AND IN CONTEXT you will clearly see what she is doing.

A perfect example of what she does is in the video she released. She makes the claim once again that she was a victim of cyberbullying and had a protective order granted to her. While it is truthful that she did have a protective order granted to her based on highly edited and selective evidence she presented, what she neglects to tell you is that this case went all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court where the justices  looked at everything in context in the correct order, there was no physical threat whatsoever to Ms. Ellis. The justices overturned the lower court decision with a unanimous 7-0 decision removing the protective order. This ruling was made in March of 2015. Yet, in the video just released in February 2017, Ellis is still making the claim of a protective order like it was still in effect, it was not overturned, and ruled that the lower court should have never issued the order in the first place.  Ms. Ellis conveniently “forgets” to mention that part.  The same thing applies to almost all of Linda’s claims.

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Feb 22

More Evidence Linking Joel Albrizio To VOJF

The Background

We have another nugget to add to the growing pile of evidence connecting Joel Albrizio with the VOJF (Voices of Jupiter Florida) blog. Although this blog states that it is about “a better Jupiter Florida”, it has shown itself to be nothing more than a smear site directed at Robert Krausankas, his wife, and son along with business associates and personal associates. I want to stress again at this point that currently all evidence I have seen is circumstantial but it is all pointing in one direction.

Let’s review what we have already published before going on to our latest nugget. Robert Krausankas runs the blog which reports, in a colorful manner, on businesses and individuals whose business model appears to use heavy-handed tactics, questionable ethics and/or unrealistic settlement amounts for copyright infringement. Robert Krausankas was given information about a company called AdLife Marketing which was sending out $8,000 demand letters for copyright infringement. You can read more about the details and the tactics used here.

Mr. Albrizio took exception to Robert’s posts and called him. Robert states that the phone conversation became heated at which time Mr. Albrizio threatened Robert stating that he would destroy him, ruin his life, and that he had no idea what was coming. A short time later, several things happened all on the same day. The VOJF blog started, Robert Krausankas’ name was registered as a domain name, and a Facebook account was created under the name Jessica Langston.

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Jan 19

Let’s Look A Little Closer At “Voices of Jupiter Florida” Blog Tactics

As previously reported here on Copyright Anti-Bullying Act, the owner and host of, Robert Krausankas has come under attack of a smear campaign consisting of  an “anonymous” blog called Voices Of Jupiter Florida (VOJF) and “anonymous” emails sent from a Jessica Langston.  In one email “Jessica” stated she was not using their real name and most emails are being sent through a proxy to hide the sender’s location/information. While the evidence we have is currently circumstantial (read article in link above) what we have all strongly points to Adlife Marketing‘s CEO Joel Albrizio with possible help from Dash Poet, Linda Ellis.

Crossing The Line

One tactic that VOJF is using to try and shame and embarrass Robert into shutting down is having the mythical Jessica Langston email Robert’s clients, associates, wife and  all the coaches in the league where his daughter plays volleyball. and involving family members to try and force Robert from reporting on the way Adlife Marketing  operates.  VOJF does this by trying to embarrass family members as a tactic. Someone doing this, in my opinion, is a person of a questionable and/or damaged character.  Even the worst of the criminal element, the mob bosses, had the rule you leave family and children out of your feud.  This is a tactic we first saw from copyright troll Linda Ellis who made similar attempts to silence April Brown from reporting on her $7,500 demand letter program targeted at people, churches, funeral homes, schools and businesses that shared her poem in newsletters, bulletins and blog posts.  Ms. Ellis called and sent emails to April’s husband’s work saying that the person they hired is married to a thief and copyright infringer and it would damage the stations reputation by having him there.  He worked as a network sports announcer at the time.

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Jan 16

“Anonymous” Blog Owner Attempts to Shut Down With Smear Campaign and Shameful / Defamatory Lies.


Friend and ally of Copyright Anti-Bullying Act, Robert Krausankas of the (CRT) website has come under attack in recent weeks.  Robert wanted to issue a statement about what has been happening.  Below is Robert’s statement as to the facts of the situation.I will say that I know Robert personally as a friend and as a client.  I have found him to be one of the genuine people I know and I have no doubt as to his character and integrity. Not only is he a personal friend but I hired him to design and host my websites.

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Jan 13

Update On The Getty Images / Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat Censorship Letters

A few days ago, our sister site Getty Images Must Change received a Cease and Desist letter from the French Law firm of Cabinet Brouchara – Avocat on behalf of their client Getty Images.  Below is a copy of all email correspondence to date between Vanessa Bouchara of Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat and Greg Troy owner and operator of Getty Images Must Change and Copyright Ant-Bullying Act.

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Jan 13

Who at Getty Images Thought This Would End Well???

What were you thinking?

In the last couple days, the backlash over Getty Images latest faux pas seems to be gaining steam.  If you are not aware of what has happened, it appears someone at Getty Images decided it was time to try and clean up their justifiably

Getty Images, Stop Being The Problem.

Getty Images, Stop Being The Problem.

tarnished online reputation.  I will admit that in recent years it seemed to me that Getty was improving. They had toned down the language in the letters which became kinder and gentler as well as reducing their demands to more reasonable amounts.  In fact, things seemed to be so quiet on the Getty Images front, I had not felt the need to make any updated posts for almost two years. Then someone had the brilliant idea to send letters to everyone who has written anything negative about the company, staff, and/or policies asking them to take the posts. blogs or websites down.


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Jan 11

Getty Images Moving Into The Censorship Business

I received a cease and desist letter today on behave of Getty Images from the French Law firm of

Cabinet Bouchara – Avocats citing French law telling me that our sister site GettyImagesMustChange is guilty of defamation under French law towards Getty Images.  Apparently, I dared to report on their business practices and state my opinions on said practices.  I am not the least bit intimidated by this letter in any way shape or form but I will not stand for it either.  I have written about it in detail and the article may be read here.

My response will be forthcoming in the next couple of days.  I will update the posts with new information as it becomes available.

Jan 09

Why is Adlife Marketing Pulling It’s Images From LSA?

In my last article, I talked about how Joel Albrizio of Adlife Marketing was sending out settlement demand letters which in my opinion make Adlife Marketing the newest Copyright Troll I am aware of.  In these

AdLife Marketing wants $8,000 for an image you can get for $2.98 or they threaten to sue?

AdLife Marketing wants $8,000 for an image you can get for $2.98 or they threaten to sue?

letters (the ones I have seen), recipients are never asked  if they have legally purchased the images, are accused of willful infringement, demanded to pay $8,000 dollars, and are given an unreasonable time to comply. What makes this even worse for the recipients is the fact that many of them have purchased the image in question from iStock but because all of Adlife Marketing’s images have been removed from the site copies of the receipts no longer appear on the users account page.

Today, while doing some research it has come to my attention that Adlife Marketing has terminated their contract with LSA and all images purchased by customers through LSA will no longer have valid licenses after March 1, 2017.  Here is what comes up on the LSA website as a warning to their customers…..

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Jan 08

Is Adlife Marketing The Newest Copyright Troll?

I first heard about Adlife Marketing back in October 2016 when I was shown several settlement demand letters asking for $8,000 for the use of a single image.  Before delving into the meat of my thoughts, documents and comments, let me state that I am not a lawyer, nor do I give legal advice, I try to show all documentation

Is Adlife Marketing The Newest Copyright Troll?

Is Adlife Marketing The Newest Copyright Troll?

when it is available to me and the rest are my opinions. I am a firm believer that an artist should be able to protect their work and collect damages. I feel no pity for those who knowingly steal and use others work.  I am strongly opposed to artists/companies who try to use questionable tactics, bully, harass and threaten people into paying them far more than the work (generally an image) is worth and in my opinion more than a court would award. These people and companies are what I consider to be Copyright Trolls and likewise I have no pity for them when they get what they deserve in court or through government actions.

What I have been able to find out so far is that Joel Albrizio CEO of Adlife Marketing had images mainly of food and food products available on iStock.  Either Mr. Albrizio or iStock removed the images (I have read conflicting stories on this point), and as a result customers who have purchased these images in the past are no longer able to see their purchases on their account page. Adlife Marketing finds where these images are used and then sends out a fairly heavy-handed settlement demand letter.  These letters remind me a lot of the very early Getty Images Demand Letters in that Adlife Marketing does not say “We noticed you are using one of our images and we can’t find a record of your purchase, can you please provide us a copy of the receipt for the image or if you don’t have one then we need to talk about a settlement.  No, they use phrases like…

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