About CABA Law

©opyright Anti-Bullying Act (CABA Law) was founded by Greg Troy. Greg is not a lawyer or part of any law firm. CABA Law is the result of my frustration that businesses like Getty images, McCormack IP Law and Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, just to name a few, continue using questionable business models to demand exorbitantly high dollar amounts over alleged copyright infringements.

You can read my story and what got me involved in the fight against abusive and bullying settlement demand letter programs over on our sister site Getty Images Must Change.

CABA Law is working to try to change the copyright law so that it not only protects the artists and their works but prevents from practicing what in our opinion is legalized extortion.

CABA Law hopes to have a draft of the new legislation ready for submission along with an extremely detailed report outlining the current abusive and bullying practices that must be stopped.