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April Brown’s Response to Linda Ellis’ Cyber Bullying Claims.

Author, poet and copyright troll Linda Ellis has recently released a new video again making claims that she is a victim of cyberbullying. She continually twists facts and selectively chooses bits of statements to make her case but

when you look at everything in its entirety AND IN CONTEXT you will clearly see what she is doing.

A perfect example of what she does is in the video she released. She makes the claim once again that she was a victim of cyberbullying and had a protective order granted to her. While it is truthful that she did have a protective order granted to her based on highly edited and selective evidence she presented, what she neglects to tell you is that this case went all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court where the justices  looked at everything in context in the correct order, there was no physical threat whatsoever to Ms. Ellis. The justices overturned the lower court decision with a unanimous 7-0 decision removing the protective order. This ruling was made in March of 2015. Yet, in the video just released in February 2017, Ellis is still making the claim of a protective order like it was still in effect, it was not overturned, and ruled that the lower court should have never issued the order in the first place.  Ms. Ellis conveniently “forgets” to mention that part.  The same thing applies to almost all of Linda’s claims.

Ms. Ellis claims that April Brown has been harassing her for years. Again, it is true that April Brown has been helping letter recipients who have received settlement demand letters from Ms. Ellis. What she neglects to tell you is that April Brown shared Ms. Ellis’ poem called “The Dash” on her blog which was sent to her from from Linda’s own website through her “tell a friend” page. When April Brown refused to pay the thousands of dollars being demanded, Linda then contacted April’s husband’s place of business in an attempt to get him fired. Copies of these letters are included in the video below. Linda also took out Google Adword campaigns, people searching for April’s charity auction business would see an ad that looked like it came from April. If anyone clicked on these ads, they were directed to a smear page filled with more twisted facts, half-truths, and outright lies. April has included screenshots of these pages in the video below.

I am not going to repeat all the horrible things Linda Ellis has done to April Brown, Matthew Chan, and her letter recipients as I have already covered them in several articles here.

A Correction to the Video

In the video, when April mentions me and states that I wrote a law, this should read that I wrote a proposed law to help protect not only artists rights but innocent infringers of predatory businesses and artists who use the system to demand unreasonable amounts that in my opinion no court would grant.

Below is the video that April Brown made in response, use your to space bar to pause the video on April’s exhibits and take the time to actually read them,  you will see for yourself Ms. Ellis’ true nature which is not the sweet southern belle, “please feel sorry for me” victim of cyber-bullying that she claims to be.




  1. Linda Ellis

    It is April Brown who continually twists the facts, unfortunately. I have nothing to hide. Yes, I do require payment of my copyrighted, registered work for which I have spent years and thousands of dollars building a brand.

    But what she has posted is not true, and she knows it. We negotiate each case of infringement based upon several factors. When she tells another lie, she quotes “inside sources.” We are a small company, not the Enquirer.

    Just ask us…we are open and honest. (Link removed by Admin. No SEO juice for you)

    I wish you all well, including April. I never intended for this to be some hate flinging, slander-driven campaign. Life is WAY too short. She has become weirdly obsessed with me…and I’ve ignored it for the most part for years. It’s actually kind of sad.

    But I must defend my name with the truth, unfortunately.

    If she can afford to share her business product with the world for free, and have her product diluted to where it has no value, then I am pleased she is so wealthy. I, however, wish to protect the value and integrity of my intellectual property (as law allows) and continue to build my brand.


    Linda Ellis
    (Link removed by Admin. No SEO juice for you)

    1. Greg Troy

      Before getting into my response I would just like to state that I have left Ms. Ellis’ comment intact and in its entirety with the exception of links going back to her website. Anyone wishing to visit the site may do so at Linda-Ellis dot Com. I will not allow any active links on my site other than linking to supporting documentation or screen captures. I was also pleased to see that Ms. Ellis’ comments were civil and on topic unlike the last time where comments were left on my business website’s blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube page in an attempt to harm my business and turn customers away.

      This is a typical Linda Ellis response. Ms. Ellis makes broad brush stroke denials while claiming the other party is the one twisting the facts yet offers nothing other than words. Yet it is people like April Brown, myself and others who make our posts along with supporting screenshots and documentation.

      Ms. Ellis states that she must protect her brand and I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. Artist’s work should be protected, the issue that I (and others) have which has been stated innumerable times, is the fact that Ms. Ellis routinely sends out heavy-handed $7500 demand letters to innocent infringers. Ms. Ellis has set the value for her poem when she offered on her website a five pack of The Dash bookmarks for $9.95 which breaks down to $1.99 each. Ms. Ellis has also offered a fee of $500.00 to publish the poem in a book which would be hundreds if not thousands of copies. A court will look at this as one of the determining factors for the value of an infringement and it is a far leap to go from $1.99 per copy to $7500. This is the main reason I believe Ms. Ellis has NEVER taken an innocent infringer to court as the ruling would set the value on the poem for innocent infringement and I feel certain it would not be close to &7,500.

      Ms. Ellis also states she is open and honest and to just ask. I feel certain if I asked an honest question on her website, Facebook page or blog it would be deleted and I would be banned, followed by I was just harassing her. I have seen this happen to others.

      Questions that I would ask Ms. Ellis if I were able to make a post on her site as she has done on my site:

      1) Why does Ms. Ellis still make the claim, as recently as the last two weeks, in her latest video that she has a protective order issued? The Georgia Supreme Court ruled in a 7-0 decision overturning every aspect of the lower courts protective order and ruling, stating their was no threat and the decision went far beyond reason with limitation of free speech.

      So the court removed the order and basically stated the order should have never been issued, so again, why does Ms. Ellis still continually state she has a protective order as if it were in effect and there was a threat?

      2) Why did Ms. Ellis in her first dealings with April Brown, when April Brown refused to pay $7500 for sharing a poem on her blog which was sent to her from Ms. Ellis’ website did she start going after April’s family? Ms. Ellis sent emails to April’s husband (Mike) and then to his boss. When you read the email to Mike’s boss it is clear the intent is to cause strife between Mike and his boss and possibly get him fired. (Both are displayed in April’s response video)

      3) Why did Ms. Ellis in her first dealings with April Brown and several times over the years takeout Google ad words campaigns against April? These ads (the first ones) looked like they were from April’s charity auction business but when clicked on took you to a smear page which offered potential business clients “other options”for auctioneers. I would have thought Ms. Ellis would have been happy with April’s “Beware Don’t Share”campaign. April never said people should not purchase The Dash but to be careful and not to share it as it will most likely result in a $7500 demand letter. I would think that Ms. Ellis’s goal would be for people not to share her work as she claims in the reduction in sharing generated by April would be a good thing. Unless it is just about the money. Later ads were directed to smear pages which screenshots are included in April’s video.

      I have many many more questions but this is just a comments section. Perhaps I will have to write an article about questions I would like to ask if I were to be allowed to make posts on any of Ms. Ellis’ Dash sites.

  2. April Brown

    Good to know that Linda Ellis is reading CABAlaw.

    She continues to deny what we report and whining that SHE is the victim of her readers. And she desperately wants people to believe I’m her only target. When she stops sending letters demanding money from her readers when they share that stupid poem, we will stop reporting on lil’ Miss Innocent Christian author.

    We report the facts. Ellis can respond the lies I’m supposedly telling but she never has. She doesn’t seem to understand that her letters, emails, screenshots, videos, comments, and libel websites are real and they don’t evaporate because she says they don’t exist. We’ve been posting her victim’s stories and we’ve written extensively on her disgusting tactics and abuses for over 5 years now.. This stuff is not going to go away.

    Again I ask:

    List the twisted facts. Tell us what I’ve said that is untrue.I quote Ellis victims with their letters. I post screen captures of her posts and libel websites, her emails and comments. Those are my inside sources and I’ve put a name on them. I don’t alter anything, ever. Ellis can’t make the same claim.

    “I never intended for this to be some hate flinging, slander-driven campaign.” I have a long list of accusations Ellis has written about me. I’ve refuted every single accusation. Ellis has never posted one single piece of evidence that I’ve ever harassed her. If Ellis has spent thousands of dollars on her brand then maybe she should spend a few thousand more and let’s meet in a courtroom. Surely if everything she says is true, she has a case.

    She keeps saying she has nothing to hide yet she continues to hide behind this Christian author nonsense. Her behavior has been creepy and weird since January of 2012. I’m beginning to think reality is just something she can’t cope with.

    The fact is that she sends these letters all over the world. They piss people off. Those people give us those letters and emails. We make them public. We never initiate any drama. Ellis seems to need attention no matter how it comes.

    Linda Ellis is a broken poet and copyright troll.

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