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Can Joel Albrizio Continue to Deny His Involvement With Voices of Jupiter Florida?

We have had another very interesting nugget tonight linking Joel Albrizio CEO of AdLife Marketing to the smear blog Voices of Jupiter Florida (VOJF). Mr. Albrizio has in the past seem to deny involvement with VOJF by making

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the very vague and cryptic claim “I am not your blogger” in emails directed at several ExtortionLetterInfo.Com (ELI) team members who have written articles about him or commented about him and AdLIfe Marketing..

A quick recap of events leading up to tonight, Robert Krausankas of copyright-trolls.com was given copies of settlement demand letters from Mr. Albrizio on behalf of AdLife Marketing. These heavy-handed letters demanded $8,000 for the use of a single AdLife Marketing image. Robert began colorfully reporting on AdLife Marketing, their business model, as well as several lawsuits, including one where AdLife was sued by its employees for nonpayment of wages and overtime and a possible Rhode Island Atty. Gen. investigation.

Once Robert started reporting on all of these things, Mr. Albrizio called Robert on the phone and had what Robert said was a “brief and heated conversation”. According to Robert, Mr. Albrizio threatened him on the phone stating:

“You are a sick bastard!”
“I am going to destroy you!”
“Your life will be ruined!”
“You have no idea what’s coming!”

Shortly after this conversation, three things happened all in the same day.

1) The VOJF blog was created.
2) Someone registered the domain name RobertKrausankas.com.
3) The fake persona and associated Facebook account for Jessica Langston was created.

The Jessica Langston persona, at first, claimed to be a concerned mom with children who just moved to the Jupiter Florida area. She started emailing Roberts clients, business associates, and people affiliated with his minor daughter’s volleyball league. The letters varied depending on who they were directed at. Most of these letters were sent from an anonymous proxy server. However, it appeared the sender forgot to use their proxy on at least two occasions we are aware of. In each of these emails, the IP address were identical and can be traced back to Pawtucket Rhode Island where Joel Albrizio’s AdLife Marketing is located.

Shortly after this information was revealed “Jessica” stated in an email that Jessica Langston was not her real

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On February 19, 2017 I was one of several ELI members to get a screen capture of the blog post for that day on VOJF., where a screen capture of Robert’s Facebook page was used. The original image was only up for a few hours before it was taken down, edited, and put back up. In the original image, you can see on the right clearly shows the person logged in to Facebook when the screen capture was made and that is Joel Albrizio. When the image reappeared, after being edited, all was the same except for Joel’s name and picture had been edited out.


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Tonight we found a new website that was created on February 7, 2017 by AdLife Marketing called Growing the Grocer.com. The About page is all about Joel Albrizio and AdLife Marketing. While much of the content on the main site has been copied another site owned by AdLife Marketing. What is interesting is it appears that either a major mistake was made or Mr. Albrizio is no longer denying his association with VOJF. At the very bottom of every page is the following which can be seen for yourself by clicking on the image to the right to enlarge and you can click again to zoom in:

Website created by Adlife Marketing & Communications | Growing the Grocer – © 2017 – All Rights Reserved.

Joel Albrizio Voices of Jupiter Florida


I have removed the links to AdLife .com, Joel Albrizio .com and voices of Jupiter Florida.com as I don’t want to give any SEO juice to Mr. Albrizio or his company.

So to recap the evidence, albeit circumstantial and growing, linking Joel Albrizio directly to the VOJF blog. We have threats made to Robert Krausankas by Joel stating he would destroy him, ruin his life and he had no idea what was coming, followed by the creation of the VOJF blog, the registering of Robert krausankas.com and the creation of the Jessica Langston persona all on the same day. We have IP addresses linking Jessica Langston to Pawtucket Rhode Island where Joel Albrizio and AdLife Marketing are located. We have a screen capture from the VOJF blog of Robert’s Facebook page showing Joel Albrizio is the person logged in taking the screen capture and now we have a brand-new website created by AdLife Marketing with fixed links at the bottom of every page linking to AdLife, Joel Albrizio.com, and Voices of Jupiter Florida.com.

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I just noticed that April Brown has written an article about this new nugget as well. She was one of the people Joel Albrizio had emailed denying involvement with VOJF. While I have known about it and had a copy of this email, since it was sent to April. I had not reported on it directly since April had chose not to release it. I see in her article tonight she has released it so I will include a screen capture of it from her site with the key points highlighted. You will note the email from Mr. Albrizio states that he would never knowingly hurt anyone. Yet the VOJF blog which he is strongly but circumstantially linked to, specifically drags in innocents not involved in the quarrel between Robert and Joel. Robert’s wife, son, and head of his minor daughter’s volleyball league are mentioned in nearly every article. The letter sent by Jessica Langston to members of his minor daughter’s volleyball league implied that Robert was not fit to be around or associated with young children. Fortunately, the VOJF blog is so blatantly obvious in its intent that it was ignored. Had it not been, Robert and his wife could have been barred from being a part of their daughter’s favorite sport.

VOJF is clearly meant to cause harm to Robert, his wife, son, and family by attempting to cost him his clients, create negative SEO results for all family members, and keep Robert from being the loving father that he is to participate in his daughter’s sports activities and be shunned by his community.

I strive to make sure all of my reporting is factual, accurate and backed up with supporting screen captures and/or documentation. If I have missed anything or you feel a correction needs to be made please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.


Update 03/02/2017

As suspected the  permanent link to VOJF was removed within 12 hours of this and April’s post.


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