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More Evidence Linking Joel Albrizio To VOJF

The Background

We have another nugget to add to the growing pile of evidence connecting Joel Albrizio with the VOJF (Voices of Jupiter Florida) blog. Although this blog states that it is about “a better Jupiter Florida”, it has shown itself to be nothing more than a smear site directed at Robert Krausankas, his wife, and son along with business associates and personal associates. I want to stress again at this point that currently all evidence I have seen is circumstantial but it is all pointing in one direction.

Let’s review what we have already published before going on to our latest nugget. Robert Krausankas runs the blog Copyright-Trolls.com which reports, in a colorful manner, on businesses and individuals whose business model appears to use heavy-handed tactics, questionable ethics and/or unrealistic settlement amounts for copyright infringement. Robert Krausankas was given information about a company called AdLife Marketing which was sending out $8,000 demand letters for copyright infringement. You can read more about the details and the tactics used here.

Mr. Albrizio took exception to Robert’s posts and called him. Robert states that the phone conversation became heated at which time Mr. Albrizio threatened Robert stating that he would destroy him, ruin his life, and that he had no idea what was coming. A short time later, several things happened all on the same day. The VOJF blog started, Robert Krausankas’ name was registered as a domain name, and a Facebook account was created under the name Jessica Langston.

Why Everything Appears To Point Back To Joel Albrizio

We have the threat made on the phone mentioned above along with all the activity bringing VOJF into existence. The fictitious Jessica Langston who initially claimed to be a concerned mom who just moved to the Jupiter Florida area started emailing Robert’s wife, customers, and people associated with his daughter’s volleyball team and league making the claim Robert was not fit or safe to be around children. Once Robert exposed that Jessica Langston was a false identity, she stated in a following email that that was not her real identity. While the majority of the emails were all sent from proxy servers, we did have a couple sent out where apparently they forgot to use the proxy in the IP addresses were the same in both cases and linked back to Pawtucket, Rhode Island where Mr. Albrizio and his company AdLife Marketing are located. It is interesting to note that the Jessica Langston Facebook account appears to have been shut down by Facebook itself as being a fake account. Also remember that the Jessica Langston account AND VOJF were created on the SAME day and the IP address links Jessica Langston to Pawtucket.

The VOJF blog itself seems to only have two purposes. One, to smear the online reputation of Robert, his wife, son, and business and personal associates in an attempt to make Robert remove his website and, two, to defend against the articles written by Robert directed at two individuals. Linda Ellis, who is briefly mentioned almost in passing, but mainly Joel Albrizio and his AdLife Marketing business which have been defended vigorously in the blog.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Albrizio has emailed several members of the Extortion Letter Info (ELI) community in

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which he always states the vague phrase “I am not your blogger ” and claims to have nothing to do with the VOJF blog. What I find interesting with this statement is what is not said. While he states he is not the person physically writing the blog, he has not denied any of the other questions raised by the ELI community, not denied he is the “Jessica Langston” or the “Marissa Davenport” personas (who likes to email Robert’s wife) and we have the IP addresses connecting Jessica Langston with Pawtucket Rhode Island.

Which brings us to our latest nugget in an article from February 19 which included a screen capture of Robert’s Facebook page. The initial screen capture was only up for a few hours but several members of the ELI community were able to get our own snapshot of the page before it was taken down and altered. The original post of the screen capture showed the user who was logged in to Facebook at the time and, lo and behold, it appears to be Joel Albrizio himself. I am including two screen captures: the first showing the page with the title and you

Click to Enlarge

can  see the top right of the screen capture in the article with Joel’s login and the second is a close-up of the screen capture.

So we have threats made by Mr. Albrizio to Robert followed by the creation of VOJF and fake Facebook and email accounts associated with VOJF. We have IP addresses linking the fake email account to Pawtucket Rhode Island where Mr. Albrizio and his business are located and we have screen captures appearing on the VOJF blog itself showing Mr. Albrizio’s Facebook account being used.

Again I would like to state that Mr. Albrizio in emails to the ELI community has denied being the blogger or directing VOJF and all evidence I have presented here is circumstantial but in my personal opinion if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is most likely a duck.


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  1. Stinger

    Why lie?

    I am not certain that I understand the troll mentality. If you don’t like the spotlight being shined on your copyright trolling activities by publications that report on copyright trolling, simply cease and desist your copyright trolling activities.

    If ceasing trolling activities is something you choose not to do, then deal with the heat. You can’t have it both ways. Thinking you can is an indication that your ego is out of control.

    Lying about your trolling activities is a short term solution at best. The truth will eventually come out.

    Reacting by lashing out at others is a self-destructing behavior. At best the others will ignore you. More likely, they will bring the spotlight to bear on your behavior simply as retribution for your lashing out. I’m still waiting for an apology and retraction for your lashing out at me, Joel. If you want to claim you didn’t write that BS, I think Greg Troy’s screen shot is a pretty good indication that you know who did and that you are spearheading the efforts.

    When you lash out at someone who has helped as many victims of copyright trolls as Robert K., you are likely to draw the attention of some of those victims who may feel a need to stand up for Robert K. – who is a stand up guy. Sadly, you have no idea how many friends Robert has. And you better hope that Robert continues to play nice, because if he asks for assistance in the ELI community or the anti-copyright trolling community, your business and personal life may very quickly take a dramatic change for the worse.

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