Jan 24

You Received Linda Ellis’ “The Dash Poem” Settlement Demand Letter. Now What? Copyright Anti-Bullying Act Wants to Help.

Okay, you’ve gone to your mailbox and you’ve received a letter from Linda’s Lyrics LLC. You open it up and you find you’re the owner of a $7,500 settlement demand letter claiming that you have shared Linda Ellis’ poem called,

A Linda Ellis settlement demand letter for $7500

A Linda Ellis settlement demand letter for $7500

The Dash“. Not only have you shared this poem but, according to the letter, you have caused irreparable harm to her brand and significant financial loss. As you continue to read the letter, you find that you are given only 10 days to come up with the cash or possibly face a federal lawsuit and be sued for up to $150,000 plus court costs and legal fees. If you are like most people, Linda’s letter has scared you silly and probably made you feel sick to your stomach, leaving you wondering how this happened and what to do next

Option One: Ignore Linda Ellis

The first thing you need to do is step back, take a deep breath, and calm down. I promise you that your legal situation is nowhere near as dire as Linda’s letter makes it appear. This letter is carefully crafted, designed, and worded to provoke just this sort of reaction. You will also want to note that as of the writing of this article, to my knowledge, Linda has NEVER taken anyone to court over one of these letters. The Aronson case mentioned in her letter is not comparable with those who have innocently shared her poem on blogs, Facebook or a memorial webpage etc. The Aronson suit was a case of willful and blatant infringement. He is also a criminal in jail. Aronson contracted with Linda to include “The Dash” poem in a book he was writing. He did not pay what he agreed to and also created Dash websites as well. Mr. Aronson ultimately got what he deserved. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 20

Who Is Stalking Whom?  

It appears that poet, author, and copyright troll Linda Ellis now has obsession and stalking on her brain. Since April Brown’s announcement a couple weeks ago of her forthcoming, tell-all book about Ellis, “Poetic Justice“, Linda seems to be wound tighter than the rubber band on a child’s balsa wood toy airplane. After finding out about April’s book announcement, Ellis went into full damage control mode that ironically appears to be more of a scorched-earth policy. By that, I mean she is further damaging her own reputation and credibility by what she is posting (easily checked and verified information and/or the lack thereof). Anyone actively supporting April and/or reporting on Ellis’ $7,500 a pop extortion settlement demand letter program is a potential victim and target.

As I said, this started a couple weeks ago with April’s announcement. Ellis created two smear websites about April,

JustFreeSpeech Smear Site by Linda Ellis

JustFreeSpeech Smear Site by Linda Ellis

the first called JustFreeSpeech which she kept up a few days before taking it down. The second site was LindaLogic which she refers to as a “Random Brain Dump” site. One of the links was entitled Obsession, the underlying page is still there but she removed the title and link from the home page. At the same time she took down JustFreeSpeech, Ellis also took out a Google Adword campaign for at least the fourth time so when anyone searching for April Brown’s Charity Auction World or April Brown Auctioneer, the first link would be a Google ad sponsored by Ellis. The user would click on it thinking they were going to April’s website and would then be taken to the JustFreeSpeech smear page. She also started making several posts on April’s “Get Poetic Justice” Facebook page that included leaving the links to her smear pages. I have documented this attack on April already so there is no need to cover it again here.

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Jan 17

If Linda Ellis Is Afraid of Matthew Chan As She Claims, Why Does She Keep Taunting Him?

In my last article, I told you about how Marietta Georgia author, poet and copyright troll Linda Ellis had launched a smear campaign against April Brown in an attempt to intimidate her into not publishing her upcoming book, “Poetic Justice”. Since then, Brown has received wide-ranging support from the community with contributing articles from myself, Matthew Chan of ExtortionLetterInfo (ELI) and Defiantly.net and others. When all of this started three years ago, April Brown was the only one out there spreading the word to current and potential victims until she reached out to Chan and ELI. Since 2008, ELI offers information and support for victims of settlement demand letters. April started sharing information about Ellis, her poem and extortion settlement demand letter program and things really started taking off. Ellis had as much, if not more, information about her heavy-handed copyright operation showing up in Google search results as she did of her own information. Before April Brown started leading the charge to gather information and post it on ELI, I don’t think Ms. Ellis had ever really faced any real opposition from her victims. More and more victims started coming forward telling their stories and sharing their experiences of dealing with Ellis.

In this article, I am going chronicle Ellis’ attacks on Matthew Chan. Chan, known for his blunt,

Linda Ellis, Author, Poet and Copyright Troll

Parody Image of Linda Ellis As A Troll

outspoken, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it is style of writing, was also contributing posts and information on The Dash demand letter scheme. Ellis, who was doing everything she could to silence Brown and started focusing on Chan as well. Chan started posting copies of Ellis’ settlement demand letters, willingly provided by the victims themselves for all to see. Parody pictures of Ellis also started to appear on the site. Ellis first tried to send DMCA takedown notices to ELI’s Scribd account, claiming the letters were copyrighted. Of course, this tactic failed and the posted letters remained. Her scheme only works as long as there is no information for victims to find and educate themselves. Of course, she does not want it known that she charges a $7,500 “retroactive licensing fee” for a poem she sells online for $2.99. A confidentiality agreement forbidding victims from saying anything about what was done to them is also required.  Ms. Ellis used to make victims post a pre-written public apology to her in place of the poem. This was stopped after Ellis realized this is where April was finding many of her victims for their stories.

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Jan 13

Linda Ellis Launches Smear Campaign against April Brown

April Brown

April Brown-Founder of Charity Auction World, Whisker City Cat Rescue and Author of “Poetic Justice” Image used with Permission

As many of you know my good friend and colleague in the fight to end copyright extortion, April Brown has come under attack in recent days from Marietta Georgia Speaker, author, poet and my opinion copyright extortionist Linda Ellis. Ms. Ellis is trying to intimidate Ms. Brown into not releasing her new book called Poetic Justice. Ms. Ellis is most known for her poem entitled The Dash which is about a man looking at a tombstone’s birth date and death date and realizing that the dash in between represents a person’s life. The poem goes on to suggest what is important in life and the way one should live your dash.

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Jan 09

Linda Ellis Appears to Be in Full Damage Control Mode

It has been a while since I have made a post here. My work has kept me extremely busy and Getty Images /  McCormack Intellectual Property Law PS seem to be behaving themselves of late and in Getty’s case, I am pleased to say, actually improving.


Linda Ellis

Screen capture showing Linda Ellis posting on April’s FB page

My good friend April Brown has a new book called Poetic Justice soon to be released. This book details her ongoing struggle with author and poet Linda Ellis and April’s campaign to warn people not to share a poem written by Ms. Ellis called The Dash. In what appears to be an effort to do some damage control before April’s book is released Ms. Ellis has started posting comments on Ms. Brown’s Facebook pages and has also created at least two webpages about Ms. Brown. The pages may be found here and here.


What is ironic is that Ms. Ellis who so vigorously defends against people who post her poem without permission has taken the images of April and a group photo of April and the ELI defense team members without permission and posted them on her website. Surely Ms. Ellis, whose main source of income it is widely believed to be from copyright enforcement, knows it is perfectly legal to show the images via hyperlink (see Perfect 10 v. Google) yet she has chosen to infringe upon the authors copyright.

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Aug 27

Copyright Attorney Mike Meyer Learns a New Phrase-the Streisand Effect

Just recently copyright attorney Mike Meier sent DMCA takedown notices on behalf of Copyright Law Group to the domain registrars of

Copyright Attorney Mike Meier Files DMCA Takedown Notices

Copyright Attorney Mike Meier Files DMCA Takedown Notices

ExtortionLetterInfo.com (ELI) and fightcopyrighttrolls.com (FTC). ELI immediately publish the letter on their form and document library followed shortly by FTC. Copyright attorneys who do not like groups like ELI and FTC reporting on their activities have started using DMCA takedown notices as a method for trying to silence the reporters and remove information. We first saw this tactic used by Georgia poet and Copyright Troll Linda Ellis when she filed takedown notices against several sites reporting on her activities.

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May 12

List of Attorney General Complaints Filed against Getty Images and McCormack IP Law

WSAG SealI have finally received the last of 9 CDs of complaints filed against Getty Images and McCormack IP Law from my public records request of the Washington State Attorney General’s office. As many of you know each year for the last three years there has been a request for these public records filed against these two businesses.

In the past I have just taken the complaints, removed the fluff (to see what I removed see below) then made the complaints available through my Scribd account doing nothing more than reporting on the number of complaints and commenting on one or two that stood out to me. This year I decided to combine all my data together making a master index of complaints so you can see at a glance when it was filed, who it was filed against and who filed it.

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Mar 18

Elf-Man Could Be Very Big :)

I came across this ruling from the United States 9th District Court of the Western District of Washington and found it extremely interesting and a possible game changer. This is your typical greedy troll elf 033072866-grumpy-greedy-miserly-young-maP2P case where Elf-Man, LLC filed “boilerplate” lawsuits against Does 1-152. As typical with these cases Elf-Man listed only IP addresses (at first) alleged to have downloaded the video.

The court granted a motion to dismiss because of lack of specific allegations, even after filing an amended complaint, which means that trolls filing these cookie-cutter lawsuits must start providing proof of  contributory or indirect copyright infringement. In other words, rather than being able to name a person or an IP address then frighten, intimidate and bully the victim into settling for fear of a lawsuit the troll lawyers must now invest time, resources and money to dig up enough proof that the named person or IP address actually infringed on the plaintiffs copyright before filing or risk having the entire case dismissed.

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Mar 16

House Judiciary Subcommittee Hears about DMCA Takedown Abuse.

Here is an article over on our sister site Getty Images Must Change about False DMCA takedown notices along with some of my thoughts. This is exactly what we want, companies and individuals to be able to speak before house committees who can fix the copyright law.


Punishment Needed For DMCA Abusers Says WordPress, Me Too!



Mar 13

Washington State Attorney General’s Response to Request for Public Records


Washington State Attorney General Seal

As many of you know each year I make a public records request at the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for all complaints filed against Getty Images and McCormack IP Law since the date of my last request (generally 12 months). I received a response today saying that the records have been found and are available and will be placed on a total of 9 CDs.


Once these CDs arrive the documents will be printed out and scan into my Scribd library. The current list of complaints may be viewed here.



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