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Mar 02

Can Joel Albrizio Continue to Deny His Involvement With Voices of Jupiter Florida?

Joel Albrizio Linked To Voices Of Jupiter Florida

We have had another very interesting nugget tonight linking Joel Albrizio CEO of AdLife Marketing to the smear blog Voices of Jupiter Florida (VOJF). Mr. Albrizio has in the past seem to deny involvement with VOJF by making the very vague and cryptic claim “I am not your blogger” in emails directed at several ExtortionLetterInfo.Com …

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Jan 19

Let’s Look A Little Closer At “Voices of Jupiter Florida” Blog Tactics

As previously reported here on Copyright Anti-Bullying Act, the owner and host of Copyright-Trolls.com, Robert Krausankas has come under attack of a smear campaign consisting of  an “anonymous” blog called Voices Of Jupiter Florida (VOJF) and “anonymous” emails sent from a Jessica Langston.  In one email “Jessica” stated she was not using their real name and …

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Jan 13

Update On The Getty Images / Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat Censorship Letters

A few days ago, our sister site Getty Images Must Change received a Cease and Desist letter from the French Law firm of Cabinet Brouchara – Avocat on behalf of their client Getty Images.  Below is a copy of all email correspondence to date between Vanessa Bouchara of Cabinet Bouchara – Avocat and Greg Troy owner and …

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Jan 13

Who at Getty Images Thought This Would End Well???

What were you thinking? In the last couple days, the backlash over Getty Images latest faux pas seems to be gaining steam.  If you are not aware of what has happened, it appears someone at Getty Images decided it was time to try and clean up their justifiably tarnished online reputation.  I will admit that …

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Jan 11

Getty Images Moving Into The Censorship Business

I received a cease and desist letter today on behave of Getty Images from the French Law firm of Cabinet Bouchara – Avocats citing French law telling me that our sister site GettyImagesMustChange is guilty of defamation under French law towards Getty Images.  Apparently, I dared to report on their business practices and state my opinions …

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Jan 09

Why is Adlife Marketing Pulling It’s Images From LSA?

In my last article, I talked about how Joel Albrizio of Adlife Marketing was sending out settlement demand letters which in my opinion make Adlife Marketing the newest Copyright Troll I am aware of.  In these letters (the ones I have seen), recipients are never asked  if they have legally purchased the images, are accused of willful …

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Jan 08

Is Adlife Marketing The Newest Copyright Troll?

AdLife Marketing wants $8,000 for an image you can get for $2.98 or they threaten to sue?

I first heard about Adlife Marketing back in October 2016 when I was shown several settlement demand letters asking for $8,000 for the use of a single image.  Before delving into the meat of my thoughts, documents and comments, let me state that I am not a lawyer, nor do I give legal advice, I try …

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