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Jan 17

If Linda Ellis Is Afraid of Matthew Chan As She Claims, Why Does She Keep Taunting Him?

In my last article, I told you about how Marietta Georgia author, poet and copyright troll Linda Ellis had launched a smear campaign against April Brown in an attempt to intimidate her into not publishing her upcoming book, “Poetic Justice”. Since then, Brown has received wide-ranging support from the community with contributing articles from myself, …

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Mar 16

House Judiciary Subcommittee Hears about DMCA Takedown Abuse.

Here is an article over on our sister site Getty Images Must Change about False DMCA takedown notices along with some of my thoughts. This is exactly what we want, companies and individuals to be able to speak before house committees who can fix the copyright law.   Punishment Needed For DMCA Abusers Says WordPress, …

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Mar 13

Washington State Attorney General’s Response to Request for Public Records

As many of you know each year I make a public records request at the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for all complaints filed against Getty Images and McCormack IP Law since the date of my last request (generally 12 months). I received a response today saying that the records have been found and are …

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Mar 09

Matthew Chan V. Linda Ellis Appeal Court Documents

Extortionletterinfo.com (ELI) founder Matthew Chan is currently waiting for a ruling from a Georgia appeals court to reverse a permanent protective order a lower court issued last year. Court documents, articles and commentary may be found on our sister site Getty Images Must Change.   This is an important case because the lower court ruling …

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