Mar 13

Washington State Attorney General’s Response to Request for Public Records


Washington State Attorney General Seal

As many of you know each year I make a public records request at the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for all complaints filed against Getty Images and McCormack IP Law since the date of my last request (generally 12 months). I received a response today saying that the records have been found and are available and will be placed on a total of 9 CDs.


Once these CDs arrive the documents will be printed out and scan into my Scribd library. The current list of complaints may be viewed here.



1.1 WSAG Response to Request for Records by Copyright Anti-Bullying Act (CABA Law)


Once this latest batch of complaints have been added in a follow-up letter will be sent to the Attorney General’s office trying to determine what the criteria are before a company is investigated. All data will be collated and provided to the WSAG’s office.


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  1. Lucia

    The “viewed here” isn’t working right.

    Can we pull text off the cd’s? Or is it all images? If it’s text, we can put things in a database and have very powerful searches.

    1. Greg Troy

      It will come as PDF scans, I have the full version of Acrobat Reader which can read them and convert them back to text. They will be text when I upload them to the Scribd library.

    2. Greg Troy

      Lucia, thank you for letting me know the link was not working, I have corrected it and it should work now.

  2. Kathy


    Do you know what happened to the 5 lawsuits that Getty filed in Jan of this year? What states?

    Thank you!

    1. Greg Troy


      I will check in pacer this weekend and make a post if there is anything new.


      1. Greg Troy

        Looks like the cases were settled privately.

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