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Who Is Stalking Whom?  

It appears that poet, author, and copyright troll Linda Ellis now has obsession and stalking on her brain. Since April Brown’s announcement a couple weeks ago of her forthcoming, tell-all book about Ellis, “Poetic Justice“, Linda seems to be wound tighter than the rubber band on a child’s balsa wood toy airplane. After finding out about April’s book announcement, Ellis went into full damage control mode that ironically appears to be more of a scorched-earth policy. By that, I mean she is further damaging her own reputation and credibility by what she is posting (easily checked and verified information and/or the lack thereof). Anyone actively supporting April and/or reporting on Ellis’ $7,500 a pop extortion settlement demand letter program is a potential victim and target.

As I said, this started a couple weeks ago with April’s announcement. Ellis created two smear websites about April,

JustFreeSpeech Smear Site by Linda Ellis

JustFreeSpeech Smear Site by Linda Ellis

the first called JustFreeSpeech which she kept up a few days before taking it down. The second site was LindaLogic which she refers to as a “Random Brain Dump” site. One of the links was entitled Obsession, the underlying page is still there but she removed the title and link from the home page. At the same time she took down JustFreeSpeech, Ellis also took out a Google Adword campaign for at least the fourth time so when anyone searching for April Brown’s Charity Auction World or April Brown Auctioneer, the first link would be a Google ad sponsored by Ellis. The user would click on it thinking they were going to April’s website and would then be taken to the JustFreeSpeech smear page. She also started making several posts on April’s “Get Poetic Justice” Facebook page that included leaving the links to her smear pages. I have documented this attack on April already so there is no need to cover it again here.

She next turned her attention to Matthew Chan, founder of Extortion Letter Info (ELI). What Linda has done to Matthew in the past two years is unbelievable and his appeal case is currently with the Georgia Supreme Court. Again, I have covered this in detail I will not report on it again here but you can read it for yourself:  If Linda Ellis Is Afraid of Matthew Chan As She Claims, Why Does She Keep Taunting Him. But since Matthew came out in public and outspoken support of April and “Poetic Justice”, Ellis has once again started smearing him online. She has been posting a short clip copy from a 33-minute long video Matthew made in 2013 about the attacks from Linda on his ELI website accounts. Ellis edited the video down to one-minute and four seconds including only Matthew’s profane rants about Linda (The video is Matthew talking and venting about the then current (2013) attacks from Ellis). She is going to various websites and blogs on the interwebs posting this video she entitled “One of Matthew Chan’s Harassment Videos”. Even in this highly condensed form, it should be clear to most that this is not a harassment video but is Matthew venting as when he is done, his video co-host Robert tells him,” It’s good you got

Screen Shot Of Restraining Order Abuse Website

Screen Shot Of Restraining Order Abuse Website

that out of your system” with a smile on his face. Matthew also released a condensed version of the original 33-minute video with missing key sentences putting back in everything in the proper context. This video is only four-minutes long and when compared to Ellis’ version, you can see it has a completely different feel to it. Ellis routinely take snippets of posts, videos, and other media, distorting and taking them out of context to support her fictitious claims.

One of the places Linda posted her video was on a site called Restraining Order Abuse. Linda posted the video along with the comment:

“Here is ONE of Matthew Chan’s rants against Linda Ellis. You’ll see it is more than criticism Ms. Ellis received. In anger, he states: “DON’T make me…” “I don’t have to come to your house at all, I can do a lot from right here.” “I don’t think she will understand anything but brute force…”

Like most people, the moderator of the site could clearly see through Linda’s attempts to smear Matthew once again. He makes one of the most concise and thought out replies I have seen yet. He replied to her post with the following:

“Presumably I’m responding to Ms. Ellis herself?

 Literature (really interpretive analysis) was one of my collegiate studies, Linda. I liked to write verses, too, ones like the rhyme of yours that seems to be the germ of this conflict (I’d meant to make a living at it, in fact, and it was a daily practice of mine for many years). I read your poem and admire the thought. I identify with how that part of your mind works.

 You and I both know that poetry means more than words. So do most speech acts. Their context is also important. What does this mean, “He really has to go”? Does it mean the he in question needs to leave? Does it mean he has to be fired, evicted, or “iced”? Does it mean he’s obligated or under compulsion to go somewhere? Does it mean his bladder is about to explode? We can’t tell.

Is it true that Mr. Chan, a target of legal threats himself, was obviously critical of your threatening to sue people in federal court for reprinting your couplet in funeral programs? Yes, I think that’s quite clear (and isn’t it fair to say that having an attorney threaten to sue someone for $150,000 is an act of terrorism?).

 Can Mr. Chan’s statements on the video you’ve provided—statements made to a Mr. Krausankas and not to you—reasonably be construed as constituting a violent threat against your person? I don’t think so. Mr. Chan apologizes for his language to a woman off-camera, and the man he’s talking to says, “It’s good to get it out of your system.” Plainly no one thought he intended you bodily harm.

Including, I believe, you.

 Protection orders were created 35 years ago to protect serially battered women. That means women who were being hit in the face, having their arms twisted, being subjected to routine belittlement and cruelty—possibly for many years—not because of anything they’d done but because they could be.

The defendants named on protection orders are accordingly enrolled in federal “criminal” registries.

Protection orders weren’t meant to be exploited because they can be by people who resent being dosed with their own medicine.

 That probably sounded very pontifical, but don’t let it discourage you from replying. You’re very welcome to share your views here.”

Obviously, Linda’s smear tactics are not working the way she is intending them to. However, I don’t think she sees this since she continues posting it everywhere she can.

I started replying to Linda’s accusations and snarky remarks on April’s “Get Poetic Justice” Facebook page. I also

Linda Ellis Post to My Twitter Account

Linda Ellis Post to My Twitter Account

started writing articles detailing the history of Ellis’ operation and attacks on Matthew and April. After my last post detailing what she had done to Matthew Chan, Linda started going to all the online accounts associated with my remodeling and handyman business and making posts. Just as she did with April and Matthew, this author and poet has once again shown she has completely mastered the art of “copy and paste”. She went to my website blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Google+ page,  and Twitter account pasting the same message along with a copy of her video clip of Matthew. There is a screenshot of one of the postings to the right but they are all catalogued for those who wish to view them in its entirety. The reference of Matthew Chan as a “stalker” is explained in detail in my article about her attacks on Matthew. Linda’s Post:


“Dude work must be slow since you have so much time to spend defending your best friend, stalker.  This is free speech and I KNOW how you are an advocate, so I’m sure it will be left here.  Screenshot taken so after you delete, we can show how much you really believe in free speech.  Here’s you good buddy in action:” Link to video listed above

Linda acts like I might be ashamed if people knew I was a friend of Matthew Chan. For the record, I am proud and YouTubehonored to be able to call Matthew Chan a friend and ally.  I feel the same way about April Brown, Oscar Michelen, and Robert Krausankas and will proudly tell anyone that.  As far as the comments about my believing in the right to free speech, you bet I believe in it and defend it. That being said, there is a difference between standing out in the street in front of my house making your comments and walking into my house to make your comments. While Ms. Ellis has every right to damage her reputation and credibility by making obviously selective edited quotes, posts, and videos so that they appear to say things they really do not, if you come into my house and say them, I have every right to tell the person to get the hell out of my house and slam the door on them.  It should also be noted at this point that Linda Ellis caused the removal of 1,900+ posts from the ELI website discussing her and her copyright enforcement operation along with a total ban from mentioning her name on the site. Hence, the appeal is currently with the Georgia Supreme Court.  So Linda is not one to speak for First Amendment rights by any means.  You may see all the posts she made on my accounts here.

What I find ironic is Linda is posting on the interwebs that April Brown is obsessed with her. She used a lower court with selectively-cropped posts from Matthew and other users to get a stalking protection order against Matthew Chan even though they had never met, spoken, or communicated in any way. She achieved her goal of effectively shutting ELI down from posting about her settlement demand program. As I asked in my last article, if Linda is as fearful as she said that she was afraid of Matthew Chan in court, why is she taunting him all over the Internet? She has now attempted to post on my business pages. April, Matthew, and myself are all posting on our own pages, yet Linda comes to April’s sites and my sites to make her posts. This begs the question, who is obsessed with whom and who is stalking whom?

I will show you a great example of what Linda is doing. I am going to take one of her posts she made on April’s

Original Post By Linda Ellis


Facebook page, then through the magic of “Ellis Editing” quote it back the way Linda does with Matthew’s and April’s posts and videos. The screen capture shows the original post as well.  Linda’s original post:


“……..My company does not take money from 9/11 families or grieving mothers or anyone like that… Never has. If you have proof of this, I need to see it. I PROMISE you it has never happened under my watch, with my knowledge, with my blessing or by anyone employed by me.” Linda Ellis

Now we take the same quote and run it through the magic of “Ellis Editing” and this is what we get:

“……. My company take money from 9/11 families.  I promise you it has happened under my watch, with my knowledge, with my blessing.”   Linda Ellis.


See what a difference “Ellis editing” makes? Now if I were Linda and accomplished my magical editing and followed Linda’s tactics, I would now post this on her Facebook page, send an email to her book editor, leave it in the review section under all her products she sells on Amazon, post it on poetry websites, etc. I would not do this because, one, it is not factual and anyone who remotely knows me knows I do not operate this way.  And two, it would damage my credibility and reputation as this can be easily checked up on. The same is true with all of Ellis’ selectively edited videos and posts. We have already seen posts in reply all over the place stating as much. We saw the post from the moderator of RestrainingOrderAbuse.com. If you look at the screen capture here you see another person who is not fooled by Linda’s style.

Stay tuned as CABALaw will have a big announcement in the next day or two.

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  1. Greg Troy

    I thought it ironic while reading a book the day after Linda made all these posts on my business social media accounts I came across this quote.

    “A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.”

    ― Robert A. Heinlein

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